Process Overview

BASHIR DESIGN FURNITURE is the manufacturer of all types of wood furniture. The main processes involved in the production of these products are wood issued from the store, wood-cutting, machining, marking, assembling, gluing, polishing, Cushioning/and or canning, surface-finishing, surface fitting, showroom and delivery.  

Note: Inspections and checks are carried out at each step of the process to make sure the highest quality possible. There is no compromise in producing the highest quality furniture and this has been a company policy since its inception.

Quality Program

Quality Policy of BASHIR DESIGN FURNITURE.  Approved by CEO, is implemented and communicated throughout the organization by means of training, orientation and by displaying it effectively through out the company. All employees know and understand the quality program as demonstrated by this Quality Manual, management review meetings and through training programs. This Quality System Manual consists of 20 clauses of ISO 9001(ISO 13485) that describe the detailed requirements of this International Standard. The purpose of Quality System Manual is to define the capabilities, responsibilities and authorities of personnel. Quality System Manual of BASHIR DESIGN FURNITURE is reviewed and approved by the CEO of the Company.

Section 1

Management responsibility

ISO 9001 Clause 4.1


This element defines the role of Management of BASHIR DESIGN FURNITURE for the establishment and implementation of ISO 9001 Quality system.


This document governs all of the company’s functional departments.

4.1.1: Quality Policy

The Quality Policy acknowledges commitment of BASHIR DESIGN FURNITURE to Quality, customer-requirements and its intent to maintain ongoing compliance with the ISO 9001 standards. The quality policy is reviewed and approved by CEO. It is communicated, understood and implemented throughout the organization by means of training, orientation and effectively displaying it throughout the organization. The quality policy of BASHIR DESIGN FURNITURE is

BASHIR DESIGN FURNITURE is committed to satisfy its customers by providing them on time products featuring

  • Beauty
  • Comfort
  • Durability


Quality objectives are the measurable milestones. Quality objectives defined by the BASHIR DESIGN FURNITURE are as under:

1-Customer Satisfaction

Customer-satisfaction is the ultimate objective of the company, so customer-satisfaction is sought through every possible channel and also through performing of evaluation.

2-Customer Inquiry

Every customer inquiry will be handled with in two working days.

3-Delivery Time

On-time delivery will be ensured through better production planning.

4-Customer Complaints Handling

Every customer complaint will be handled within seven working days and the company tries its best to satisfy the customers by acknowledging the complaint and at the same time bringing the best possible solution which is acceptable to the customers through our immediate and constant communications. We go out of the way to satisfy our customers, and that’s why we are recognized one of the best customer-service providers, and that makes us different from the rest.

Product profile

We are a leading producer of solid wood furniture. A variety of timbers such as “Sheesham” (Rose-wood), “Pine”, “Deodar”, “Kikar” and Walnut, Red Maranti, Ash, Beach, Mahogany,  are used in the production of individual pieces of handcrafted furniture at the best possible value.

BDF uses premium materials and superior construction methods.

BDF has been producing hand-made furniture for more than five decades.

Marketing and service network ensures a high-level of consumer-satisfaction.

We are proud of our engineers and technicians, who are not only qualified and experienced but also well trained to provide excellent customer-service. Frequent-visits of our qualified staff to the clients is the part of our services.


There are over 250 employees with a variety of technical skills along with the modern management methods.

Varieties of Furniture:

It carries more than 500 styles and varieties of wood-furniture.

Product Features:

  • Custom-design to specification
  • Time proven old world construction techniques
  • Hand rubbed varnish finish
  • An individual craftsman is personally responsible for your furniture piece
  • BDF handcrafting gives you so much more!