How to Care for Bashir Design Furniture

Your Bashir Design Furniture needs regular maintenance to help ensure its enjoyment in to the future. The following are some easy care instructions. If you have any additional questions regarding care for your Bashir Design furniture please email us .

Common sense is the best approach when caring for your furniture. Dust or vacuum your furniture regularly to help maintain its beautiful appearance.

Always treat your furniture like a treasure. Some objects may be unfriendly to furniture finishes, so protect your furniture. Do not set hot or wet objects on the surface. Use felt pads under lamps and other decorative accessories placed on your furniture, avoiding those pads with adhesives. Also, do not place abrasive materials, rubber or plastic on your furniture.

Remember, when moving your furniture even a few inches to pick it up instead of pushing or dragging it. This is especially important with bedding. Always disassemble your bed entirely. Pulling or pushing a bed even a few inches can cause splits and cracks.

Environment can be as harmful to your furniture as it is to you. Protect your from sunlight, as well as excessively humid or dry air. Look around before you decide on the best place for your furniture. 

Arrange your furniture with the environment in mind. Just as the environment can be harmful to people, it can also damage your fabric or leather. So protect your upholstery from sunlight, excessive humidity and dryness. By carefully choosing where your furniture will be placed. As with all of your fine furniture, blot up any spills immediately.

Remember to vacuum your upholstery weekly. To thoroughly vacuum your upholstery, remove all the cushions and the crevice attachment along the edges, seams, and any recesses. This will remove the dust and dirt, which can be pushed in to your weave through daily use.

Every time you are cleaning your furniture, flip and rotate any removable cushions, to extend the life of fabric and cushions.